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Genuine treasures: secondary plant substances

Secondary plant substances are indispensable. Although the name may make them sound of secondary importance, we now know that plant-based foods such as vegetables, fruits, potatoes, legumes, nuts and wholegrains are so good for us precisely because of the many secondary plant substances they contain. Each of the substances fulfils a specific purpose: for example, flavonoids give fruit colour, mustard oil glycosides impart sharpness and protect plants from predators and microbial attacks, while carotenoids protect plants from UV rays. Our bodies have learned how to make use of the abundant phytochemicals contained in such foods. They have an effect on a variety of metabolic processes in the human body. They help to provide protection against various types of cancer, and promote vascular effects such as blood vessel dilation and the lowering of blood pressure. Many phytochemicals are considered antibacterial and/or antiviral, while others help vitamins to work effectively or support our immune systems.

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A healthy collaboration: hajoona and the University of Heidelberg

We cooperate with the Centre of Organismal Studies (COS) at the University of Heidelberg and are in close contact with Prof. Thomas Rausch and Prof. An Zhigang, who both specialise in health-promoting products that taste good. Both are experts in the molecular physiology of plants. The focus of this cooperation is to investigate the effect of secondary plant substances on the human body, which will make use of our access to Chinese research in this field, as well as findings on plant substances in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). We also want to investigate the extent to which biotic and abiotic stress influences the formation of these phytochemicals.

One of our primary goals: further research into phytochemicals.

At hajoona, we regularly incorporate the latest findings in the fields of nutrition and health science on the health-promoting potential of plant substances into our product development. Existing recipes are optimised, and new recipes are created and brought to life in collaboration with our suppliers. For this reason, Prof. Thomas Rausch and Prof. An Zhigang also bring added expertise to hajoona GmbH’s Scientific Advisory Board.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Rausch

Head of the "Molecular Physiology of Plants" research group at the Centre for Organismal Studies at the University of Heidelberg.

Prof. Dr. Zhigang An

Professor at the Northeast Forestry University (NEFU, Harbin, P.R. China), whose research topics include the benefits of phytochemicals for human health.

Centre for Organismal Studies at the University of Heidelberg

The Centre for Organismal Studies (COS) Heidelberg, founded in 2010, has set itself the goal of researching organismic biology across all levels of biological organisational. Research and teaching at the COS are devoted to the biology of organisms, from molecular mechanisms, cell biology, developmental biology and physiology to evolution and biodiversity as well as systems biology and biotechnology in plant and animal systems. The COS Heidelberg is the largest life science research centre at the University of Heidelberg, and reports directly to the university’s rector. 37 research groups conduct basic scientific research and teach the life sciences to students at the University of Heidelberg.

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Information on healthy eating

Good health is not achieved by chance

Even today, healthy eating is still a problem of getting the right information. Providing information and clarification is therefore a matter that is very close to our hearts. True to the motto “Alone, we are brave; together, we are strong”, we have been members of NEM e.V. since 2016. NEM e.V. is an association of medium-sized European manufacturers and distributors of nutritional supplements and health products. In a competitive environment shaped by corporations and retail chains, we are combining forces to fight for the freedom to educate consumers about healthy eating and alternative products in order to support healthy lifestyles.

You are what you eat

Everything we eat, digest and process has a significant impact on our health. When it comes to fruit, vegetables, herbs, mushrooms etc., the following applies: the more the better. This is also confirmed by the results of research into secondary plant substances. Unfortunately, our food today mainly consists of processed foods such as snacks, pre-prepared products, canned goods and fast food. Vitamins and nutrients are in short supply here. The result is allergies, intolerance, obesity, sluggish digestion and other health issues. Clarifying this effectively is not necessarily in the interests of the pharmaceutical and food industries, and is even prevented to a certain extent by their lobbying and communications.

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Healthy opposition l

We have clearly defined our goals and tasks as members of NEM e.V. Here are some excerpts from the articles of association:
• Enforcement of consumer interests with regard to nutritional questions = freedom to transfer knowledge in the health sector without restriction and also to implement it in corresponding health products. This is also in the interests of public health.
• Assertion of health claims; insofar as scientific evidence is available, it may and should be used.
• Examination and display of marketability, also in terms of food legislation/expert opinions for internationally oriented entrepreneurs.
• Expert opinions on food legislation/specialist expert opinions.
• Quality assessment and certification of products including award of quality seals.
• Formation of working groups (on unfair practices associations, nutritional supplements, medical devices, diet products etc.).
• Advice on competition law.
• Advice on technical, food legislation and nutritional questions.
• Protection of SMEs. Large companies are only permitted if they are family businesses and expressly submit to the objectives of SMEs. The association must ensure this.
• Judicial protection from arbitrariness by official/legal sources.
• Public relations.
• Basic nutritional research archives available to members.

50+ target group

With the best advice

50 can be the new 40. With this goal in mind, the Bundesverband Initiative 50Plus recommends our products. In opinion polls about what people want the most, good health is in the top spot. While younger people often take good health for granted, people aged 50 and over are more interested in their own health and pay more attention to eating a balanced, healthy diet. “There are many providers who promise eternal youth and good health through pills and powders”, says Uwe-Matthias Müller, spokesperson for the Bundesverband Initiative 50Plus. “We believe in hajoona’s products because they are designed holistically and are so easy to use. Many of us drink coffee every day – so why not cleanse and purify the body at the same time? And instead of taking different, isolated vitamins, you just take a small measuring cap of chokeberry juice every day and get everything you need”. At hajoona, we are delighted that the Bundesverband Initiative 50Plus is convinced by our products. The recognition we receive from being a 50Plus consumer recommendation is very important to us. It shows that people recognise the quality and effectiveness of our products. Our focus is not only on life expectancy but also quality of life. With our products, we want to help you enjoy your life in good health. Therefore, fifty is a good age to start dealing actively with this new phase of your life.


The Bundesverband 50 Initiative Plus e.V.

The Bundesverband 50 Initiative Plus e.V. is an independent initiative that represents the interests of the 34 million over-50s in Germany. Many people aged 50 and over are mentally and physically fit and financially secure. But the same cannot be said for everyone. One of the association’s aims is to help people to help themselves, in addition to the help available from the government. The Bundesverband Initiative 50 Plus e.V. draws attention to the needs and diverse potential of the 50+ generation in the fields of politics, society and business. The German Bundestag has registered the Bundesverband Initiative 50Plus as an interest group. The German Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency has listed the Bundesverband Initiative 50Plus as a partner organisation. A number of other organisations and associations - such as the German Association of Cities and Municipalities - are associated with the Bundesverband Initiative 50Plus.

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