World community based on values

hajoona is home to development for a growing number of people. In the coming decades, hajoona will develop into a global community based on values and whose goal is to shape a better future, to develop societies, and to live and sustain this clain across generations.

hajoona vision01

Revolutionary work concept

We will open up special spots where we work, meet and get inspired on all continents. Our revolutionary work concept will allow an individualization of timing for all who live this concept. Our hajoona spots bring together people of all ages, whom we strengthen in their individuality and uniqueness. We will promote their flexibility and creativity and train them according to their potential and abilities.

hajoona vision02

Global brand "Made in Germany"

hajoona will grow into a globally recognized brand that stands for the special hajoona spirit, for a conscious life with our values and also radiates as an international employer brand with lighthouse character.

hajoona vision03

Leading product quality

With existing and future products and services, we strive for quality leadership in our industry through our own research, cultivation and production in accordance with recognized quality standards and cooperate only with the best in the industry worldwide.

hajoona vision04

Global Player

Through this innovative and personalized approach to life, we create a new industry where we are a billion dollar global market player and an inspiration for millions of customers, entrepreneurs and their families sharing our vision of meaningfulness, freedom and financial prosperity.

hajoona vision05