Jürgen Klaus Schwinger
Platinum President

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Jürgen Klaus Schwinger

Our first Platinum President and on board since October 2013.

Interview with Jürgen Klaus Schwinger

1. What type of leader are you? / How do you manage your downline?

My downline and I are a strong team. And I lead with passion. You can’t put me in a box. I decide how I approach people depending on the situation.

So I can be a caring controller when it comes to helping a team partner achieve a goal.

I can be a networking team coach, always anxious to bring the right people together at the right time.

Joint decisions tend to be taken at grassroots level. We act as equals. Because the success of a team partner is also my success.

2. How do you define success?

For me, success means, firstly enabling people to grow beyond themselves. It is an amazing feeling to see the people I work with growing wings. They begin to break new ground, overcome boundaries and achieve their goals. And I give them the opportunity.

Secondly, success for me means leading a meaningful, self-determined, rich and prosperous life. The blessing of earning well is a nice thing and enables me to enjoy many extras. Furthermore, I am successful because I have earned the freedom to live a self-determined, happy, financially independent life. Quality time for family, travel and hobbies included.

3. Have your life goals changed through network marketing?

Do you remember how you wanted to be an astronaut as a child, or a queen, or an important inventor or a famous actress? When we grow up, have a job, lots of responsibilities, we often forget how to live our visions.

Through my work in network marketing, the goals in my life have changed from the ground up. What I would not have thought possible in the past, what I would not have believed myself capable of doing, what I thought was unattainable, is now within my grasp. I feel like dreaming again! I’m living my visions again!

4. Which limits/fears have you been able to overcome through network marketing?

Everyone has a sense of boundaries, feels fear. It’s perfectly normal. It wasn’t just through network marketing that I learned to overcome my personal limits. Nonetheless, network marketing in particular offers unlimited opportunities to work with people and to grow beyond yourself. Because you’re not alone here. You are part of a community. Your network even helps you to overcome the more difficult situations. You get help from above, your sponsor, your company, your coaches – and from below, your team, your downline. With support like this, each of us can move mountains.

5. Coaching and training or practical experience? What brings you further personally?

Anyone can enter network marketing, regardless of education, age, gender or origin. In order to be a successful networker, you still need sound know-how in the long term. You will achieve this through coaching and training. Serious network companies offer this for their team partners. Product knowledge, company knowledge, sales training, personality development, leadership know-how – these are all things I have been able to use myself, partly online in online seminars and partly live at events. I also use these services for the training of my team partners.

In addition, practical experience is essential in network marketing. Only when your sponsor shows you how easy it is to transfer your own enthusiasm to others, how convincing you are when you are convinced yourself – only then do you start to use your own potential, build on your strengths and be successful.

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