Isabella Runge
Gold President

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Isabella Runge 

Gold President on board since April 2017.

Isabella Runge — Everything under one roof

Isabella Runge joined hajoona in 2017, and has more than 20 years of experience as a holistic therapist and trainer in adult education. This Austrian from Vienna is extremely talented and is happy to have found everything at hajoona that she needs to bring "urban well-being" back to the big city.

A woman of many qualities

Isabella Runge is a woman of many traits. She combines a zest for life with ambition and commitment. She is a passionate Harley Davidson rider, loves shopping, owns cats and dogs and is a business woman, coach and therapist all in one. She is bursting with energy and lightness while keeping her goals firmly in sight.

Strengthening personal responsibility and potential

She initially came to a hajoona starter training event in Graz with skepticism. It was there that she met the hajoona Chief of Sales & Marketing, Andrej Uschakow, and was initially taken aback by the fact that he was just as eloquent as she is. What finally won her over was the opportunity she saw to combine advice on leading a healthy lifestyle with business success at hajoona. "Many people simply complain and do nothing to steer their lives in a positive direction, both health-wise and professionally. The hajoona approach of empowering people and helping them to recognize and harness their own potential impressed me and made me want to become part of the hajoona family myself," says Isabella Runge.

With open ears

She believes the secret of her success lies in her ability to empathize with other people. "I always try to find out what limits and challenges a person is currently facing when connecting with them. I listen attentively and then decide, based on the situation, which approach might help them at that moment: I then bring either the hajoona products, or the hajoona business model of the personal franchise to the focus of conversation. I definitely feel that I would be failing to help if I didn't recommend hajoona to others," she reveals in conversation.

A business like a mirror

Isabella Runge sees her own personality reflected in hajoona in the planned, goal-oriented business environment, the motivating community that focuses on people and personal development, and the welcoming atmosphere that comes from working together as equals. In hajoona, Isabella Runge has found a means of leading the way as a beacon for those around her. She explains it like this; "I bring mental and physical balance, balanced nutrition, and much more to this vibrant city together with my hajoona team. I want urban well being to make its way into every office, city apartment and conference room in order to give people back the quality of life and financial freedom they have earned, no matter what their age — together with hajoona!"

The confident Austrian has already taken on a lot of responsibility as a manager within hajoona, chairing business meetings and moderating major events.