Iris Zettl
Platinum President

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Iris Zettl

Platinum President and on board at hajoona since September 2014.

Iris Zettl — Self-earned luxury

Iris Zettl started her professional life as a Lufthansa employee and then spent 17 years with her family as a housewife and mother. Together with husband Achim, she started working with hajoona at the end of 2014. A personal crisis led her to view hajoona as an opportunity and her inspiration to achieve something special grew within her. She made the decision to start as an independent hajoona team partner at the hajoona 2014 Fall Convention. "I was inspired by the people, their stories, and the opportunities. I thought, if they can do it, so can I!" Iris Zettl enthuses.

She developed an iron will to succeed at the hajoona Campus and learned that failure is not an option!

Family & career

Today she is living a life that others only dream of. This includes great cars, luxurious living and many trips to the most beautiful places in the world.  "Money has never played a big role for me. While I didn't have to earn money, I still never lived large. So I enjoy it all the more now — the pleasure of living in this self-earned luxury," says Iris Zettl. She emphasizes that material luxury has never been her first priority. "But it's enjoyable to experience it without really needing it. The things we enjoy together now are the result of our entrepreneurial work and our joint efforts in the network here and with hajoona.  Our daughters (19, 24) are now also part of the team, as are our siblings and our niece. Being able to balance family & career is really important to me!" she adds.

Recipe for success — Team Z

She describes her path to success like this: "I simply used the hajoona system. I invited people to hajoona events, making sure to properly take account of their respective life situations when addressing them. Along the way, I brought more and more of my personality to the table. The people in our team mean a lot to us. We strive to truly support and promote our partners. They are like family. We have already successfully traveled the road to success here. That's why we coach, train and accompany our partners, showing them how to achieve their goals.  We work together and celebrate together. The main focus is on fun and empowerment. We respect each other's personal goals and desires as part of our overarching team goal. Our goal is to unite our team in spite of all our differences — as one big team, one big family."

Success partners

For Iris Zettl, the top priority is the personal development of her partners. Team Z draws on the hajoona Campus and the coaching skills of Achim and Iris Zettl. This is how the partners in Team Z are able to achieve the goals they have set for themselves and inspire the success of the entire team. "The success of our partners is close to our hearts. It makes us happy and strong. We train our partners to become successful as we evolve into a modern employer brand. We will push the boundaries of our own development and that of our partners. To have accomplished what we have so far is humbling and empowering. The idea of working anywhere in the world is only now truly taking root for us. We are only just beginning to realize the wonderful impact this will have for our future!" enthuses Iris Zettl.