Herta & Juri Frank
Platinum Presidents

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Herta and Juri Frank

Team partners from the beginning, first Diamonds, now Platinum Presidents and in hajoona’s founding circle

Herta and Juri Frank have been with hajoona since its beginnings in 2013. With their decades of experience in network marketing, they deliberately chose hajoona because they were tired of experimenting. Their solid knowledge, which they had already used to reach top positions in earlier networks, spoke for them and they were on hand with advice and support in the development of the hajoona business system.

In September 2018 they can now look forward to a great success: together they now hold the position of Platin President at hajoona and are thus among the few executives who have already achieved this position. Herta Frank adds: “With hajoona I can offer a solution to people who are looking for a real alternative, with which they can arrange their life happily and carefree – with my support, of course. We are all concerned about the compatibility of career and family. Last year I took care of my family a little bit more – now my career is moving forward. We feel like we have a great team and we know that we have finally found our place, and that is a really amazing feeling.”

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100006593508261
Homepage: https://vital-frank.com/de