Dietfried Wruss
Platinum President

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Dietfried Wruss

From Austria, fastest Platinum President and on board since February 2017.

The hajoona "Wow Effect" ignites in Austria — with Dietfried Wruss at the helm

Dietfried Wruss is a Platinum President for hajoona and comes from Styria, Austria. He worked his way up the hajoona career ladder in record time, as if by storm. He has held senior positions for other networks before and is already a seasoned networker.

No one had to be convinced

It was as if the Austrian market had simply been waiting for a leader to establish hajoona there. "I didn't have to convince anyone. Everyone I spoke to about hajoona was immediately enthusiastic, wanted to give the hajoona products a try and wanted to be part of building up the business," Dietfried Wruss reports. For Dietfried Wruss, it is this "wow effect", the streamlined product range and the mature hajoona system that explain the rapid success. They make it easy for anyone and everyone to replicate the business immediately. Moreover, hajoona's green coffee beverage has been well received in the country of sophisticated coffee culture. Because all hajoona products are made of the highest quality natural ingredients that balance function and pleasure, they are met with open wallets from nature-loving Austrians. Dietfried Wruss never set out to break records, but rather to build up the business for the long term and to help hajoona succeed in other international markets.

What is going wrong elsewhere and right at hajoona

As an experienced networker, Dietfried Wruss is particularly appreciative of the hajoona leadership culture; "At hajoona there is no celebrity cult around a leader. Instead, the company is managed by a team consisting of Dirk Jakob, Daniela Lipgens and Andrej Uschakow, who complement each other with their various skill sets. The management team is open to involving the hajoona distribution partners in making decisions for the future. Here, you are asked for your opinion and your views and experience are valued. This means you can help shape the future of the company. I feel very fortunate that hajoona has come into our lives."

Dietfried Wruss was also inspired by the team spirit among the hajoona sales partners. "At hajoona the people interact in a warm and friendly way. People work together instead of against each other and help one another to find solutions. Being thorough and reliable plays a major role in this. Promises are kept and people can rely on each other," says Dietfried Wruss.

Network marketing as an economic engine

Dietfried Wruss swears by self-employment as a sales partner and sees network marketing as an economic engine for the future. He explains, "Network marketing represents an interesting alternative, especially for the younger generation. In this branch of sales, anyone can get started and develop their potential, no matter what their background or previous education. When I look at the situation on the labor market, especially for young people in Europe and regardless of how well educated they are, network marketing can be a good vehicle to achieve professional success. This can be accomplished without barriers or preconditions and allows young people to dream again."