Christina Faton
Gold President

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Christina Faton

Gold President and on board at hajoona since March 2014.

An interview with Christina Faton:

Where do you get the energy for your success?

I help people to achieve their personal goals. For one person, this may mean more time with loved ones; for another, more financial freedom. But all of them are looking for meaningful work in a great company with meaningful goals and mutual interest in one another. As a networker, I can only grow and become strong when I am part of a community. As a leader, I am only as strong as my team. My team and the people I work with, the sense of togetherness and solidarity give me the strength and energy that made me so successful after only a short time.

How is your day structured? A typical day at the Faton's...

I love inspiring people through direct contact. Every day I talk to almost everyone I meet about the exceptional products I offer and the great business model I represent. To keep meeting new people, I go walking through the world with my eyes wide open. I make use of openings, fairs, conferences and lectures. I feel in my element anywhere that people come together and are open to new ways of doing things.

My contact list helps me to keep track of everything. My everyday attention is as much on my clients as it is on my team.

Why did you get into the personal franchise business?

I see personal franchise as the ideal way to realise my potential and achieve my goals. I only see the chance to live the way I want to with the personal franchise; that is to say, financially independent with a job that offers me the freedom I have always dreamed of. Only here am I able to bring great visions to life, help shape them, and be part of a community that can move mountains with all its strength and passion. For me, personal franchise is not just a job or an occupation, but a calling. I can be myself here, I feel at home here, and I can be authentic here.

Have you always been the successful type?

I was not always as successful as I am today. My lack of belief in myself and my abilities held me back in the past. What helped me to recognise and utilise my own potential was network marketing and the people I met here. My early successes encouraged me to believe in myself again, to rise above myself. In my personal sphere, I was able to convince even the most sceptical people with my success — including my husband. It is amazing how simple and predictable success can be. Today, I am able to pass on many of these experiences to my team.

What goals would you like to achieve for yourself in the next 5 years?

As a successful networker, I have already achieved the status of silver president in my company. The next level is that of gold president. I naturally want to achieve this status soon.

In 5 years, I see myself working on the management board of my network company alongside the company's founders and shareholders.

I live and breathe sales and will use my passion to expand into new countries and build strong teams there.

People need motivation, regular coaching and a clear vision. This is an important task for me and one that gives me a lot of pleasure.