Andreas & Yasmin Hirth
Gold Presidents

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Andy and Yasmin Hirth

Gold Presidents and on board since November 2013.

Creating something big with the family

Yasmin and Andy Hirth have been married for 21 years and live in Schwäbische Alb. They are passionate networkers and have been working for hajoona GmbH from Heidelberg since 2014, where they have now jointly reached the position of Gold President, one of the highest levels on the hajoona career ladder, being the third to achieve this level.

A job for the whole family

The special thing about their work in network marketing is that they do it as a family. Even son Yannick (19) belongs to the successful team.

No alternative to network marketing

For the Hirths, network marketing is the only professional activity in which working feels like leisure time and work colleagues become friends – work in which you can arrange your working hours and travel with a feeling of freedom. And the 5-figure monthly income they achieve could hardly be achieved anywhere else in the economy. As a couple, the Hirths benefit jointly from the training offered by the hajoona Academy and consciously push their personal development, both for themselves as individuals and as a pair. In this way they maintain their equal partnership. “I have often experienced couples separating when one partner is developing professionally, outgrowing themselves, and the other partner is not”, reports Yasmin Hirth.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

Since son Yannick has always experienced his parents as independent entrepreneurs who are not subject to any professional constraints, he benefits from the fact that they always have time to guide him. That’s why it has long been clear to Yannick that he too will become a networker. His parents support him in this. “In terms of personality development and dealing with people, there is no better training than working in network marketing”, reports father Andy Hirth.

Finding a home with hajoona

The change to hajoona came in 2014, after Andy Hirth had also been extremely successful in his former network within the financial industry: here too he had reached the upper ranks of company positions in 2010 despite the financial crisis. However, he became increasingly dissatisfied with the company policy and the managers around him. At hajoona, the Hirths met two old friends at once. It was Jürgen Klaus Schwinger, known to Andy Hirth from his time in the financial industry and today himself a hajoona Platinum President, who aroused the curiosity of the Hirths. And it was Dirk Jakob, hajoona founder and Managing Director, who Yasmin Hirth already appreciated as a trainer and coach and regarded as a guarantor of quality and seriousness. “I knew that when Dirk Jakob founded a company, it could only be managed ethically at the highest level and become successful”, reveals Yasmin Hirth in an interview.

They were finally won over by Andrej Uschakow, hajoona’s Head of Sales, who knew how to win their hearts with his authenticity and energy-boosting manner. The Hirths have found their place at hajoona. “The human factor is in the foreground here, the company values are actually lived, it is a simple system that can be quickly multiplied. We enjoy our work, it feels good, it is easier, lighter and nicer”, says Andy Hirth, summarising his attitude to life at hajoona.