Alexandra Koblmüller and
Dietfried Wruss
Gold President and Platinum President

Alexandra Koblmüller and Dietfried Wruss

Gold Presidents – our Austrian powerhouses, on board since February 2017.

Alexandra Koblmüller – from Austria to the top of hajoona

In just six weeks during 2017, Alexandra Koblmüller managed to get from zero to the position of Silver President at hajoona. She was the first sales partner outside Germany to achieve such a high-level position in the hajoona network. This superwoman comes from Austria. She also managed the further step to Gold President with ease and reached one of the highest positions on the hajoona career ladder in September 2018. Over there in the Alpine country, hajoona is experiencing a lot of hype. Little surprise when you consider that hajoona’s sales director Andrei Ushakov is personally there on a regular basis to ignite the teams that have been created there with his fiery enthusiasm.

Skills + multiplying effect = fast success

With Alexandra Koblmüller, several factors can be brought together to quickly explain why she was able to develop so rapidly into a manager at hajoona. Firstly, she already had experience in network marketing. Secondly, as a trained coach for personality development, she has key skills that make leadership easier for her. However, she herself attributes her success rather to the nature of the hajoona system: “It is the simplicity of the business system that gives me and my partners the opportunity to quickly multiply and develop the business”, says Koblmüller.

Success that lasts

Alexandra Koblmüller herself was initially surprised that success at hajoona came so quickly. “We’re just getting started”, she explains in the interview. The many possibilities and tools which hajoona offers to sales partners are not yet exhausted. Alexandra Koblmüller firmly believes that she will achieve much more with hajoona: “This is the beginning of a huge journey and I really want to be a part of it”, she says.

I’m a real person here – this is where I want to be

“hajoona gives us sales partners the feeling that we are taken seriously, are important as people and that the company is interested in working together in the long term.” The company management, represented by the triumvirate of Dirk Jakob, Andrej Uschakow and Daniela Lipgens, radiates an incredible energy, enthusiasm and friendliness combined with competence and security. “This combination is unique and creates trust”, emphasises Alexandra Koblmüller.

Women in focus

When asked about her vision and drive, Alexandra Koblmüller does not have to think twice: “Even today, women in families are still often the ones who put their own interests aside. I want to help them to become self-employed, free entrepreneurs, to be financially independent and successful. Because I am convinced that everyone has the right to be free. Network marketing offers an ideal tool to bring out the full potential in people. It motivates me enormously that I can show them the way. The development of women is particularly close to my heart. But I’m more than willing to make an exception for men now and again.”

It’s hard not be curious about what we will hear from the mother of two from Southern Styria in future. She is associated with the successful networker Dietfried Wruss (also at hajoona) and has five dogs. Their adult children are also already showing promising energy as networkers.