Alexander und Bita Damm
Gold Presidents

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Alexander und Bita Damm

Gold Presidents and joined hajoona in May 2016.

Alexander and Bita Damm started as a couple at hajoona in 2016. Success soon became apparent and was to become sustainable. After only nine months, they reached Silver President status. In the meantime, they have become parents of two children and are active at the Gold President level at the top of the hajoona career ladder.

Our why

"We have a huge amount of fun developing and promoting people . hajoona gives us the opportunity to do just that worldwide as a team," Alexander Damm emphasizes.

"It doesn't matter where people come from or what they did before . We want to work from anywhere and live self-determined lives. We also want a life according to our ideas with children and a career. We want to see our children grow up and have time for them. The idea of creating your own security and doing it worldwide is something that drives us every day and makes us achieve our goals," adds Bita Damm.