Achim Zettl 
Gold President

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Achim Zettl

Gold President and on board with hajoona since November 2014.


Achim Zettl — Perfect balance

Achim Zettl first came to know hajoona as a customer. An acquaintance from his professional network recommended hajoona's health-promoting food products to him at the end of 2014. Once he and the rest of his family were convinced of the benefits of the products, he decided to work with hajoona.

The future of the health and wellness market

As a businessman, Achim Zettl knew that hajoona was part of a growing future market. He was convinced that getting involved in this market would definitely be worthwhile. He signed up as a team partner because he wanted to pass on his experience with hajoona products. The fact that hajoona is a German company also gave him confidence. The best part for him, however, was that hajoona offered him an opportunity to develop as a person. Professional coaches with decades of experience provide training to hajoona team partners at the hajoona Campus and help them to achieve their potential. The entire Zettl family has benefited from this. For Achim Zettl, the overall result was a combination of health, personal development and economic success — i.e. a better quality of life in all aspects thanks to hajoona.

Earning without investing

"If I wanted to earn €200-300 per month for a client as a wealth advisor, the client would first have to invest a not insignificant amount of capital. The hajoona referral business makes it easy for team partners to earn exactly this amount of extra money each month without having to provide any equity capital," says Achim Zettl, explaining the subtle difference. In this way, he feels that there is also a social aspect to the referral business, because anyone can get involved.

From a job to a calling

Achim Zettl now enjoys the balance he has found between work and family. "I have always been successful," he explains, "but now I have found fulfillment on top of success. I am very grateful for that and look forward to passing on my knowledge to many more people."

Power from within — Team Z

Together with his wife, Iris Zettl, who is a successful hajoona team partner herself, Achim Zettl now leads Team Z within the hajoona community. His two daughters and other family members are also part of the team.

He draws strength from his personal development, his ongoing work, and from setting and achieving motivating milestones with his team. He and Iris Zettl always take the needs of the others into account. "Although we achieved a lot in our old life, the self-confidence we have today is completely different from what it was before we came to hajoona," Achim Zettl shares, adding "Each of us has untapped potential, and we are very fortunate to work with hajoona in an area where we can recognize, awaken and foster this potential. In theory, we have it all within us. It's just a matter of finding someone who can recognize and help to unearth this inner wealth. And we're doing just that!"