Our managers

Our managers succeed when their teams succeed. This is why at hajoona we think it’s important to promote togetherness, and to grow sustainably as part of a team. For us it is no contradiction if each team partner pursues his or her own, individual goals. hajoona offers all team partners exactly what they need to develop their own personality.

Thus, hajoona is a home for development, for business with a heart, for honest cooperation. Our executives take responsibility for themselves, and are role models for the fact that at hajoona, you can harmoniously combine family and career, success and work-life balance.

We would like to thank our executives for their extraordinary commitment, and congratulate them on their great results.

Andy and Yasmin Hirth

Gold Presidents and on board since November 2013

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Jürgen Schwinger

Our first Platinum President and on board since October 2013.

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Alexandra Koblmüller and Dietfried Wruss

Gold Presidents ? our Austrian powerhouses, on board since February 2017.

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Diana Waidner

Gold President and on board since August 2014

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Iris Zettl

Gold President and on board at hajoona since September 2014.

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