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hajoona produkte

It pays to recommend

We are delighted when you are convinced by our products and wish to share your enthusiasm with your customers. Recommend us and receive an attractive commission for each advert.

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hajoona produkte

So that you can continue to spend your time on training, physiotherapy and counselling, hajoona wants to avoid causing you any extra work. We will send you an attractive package of products and advertising material that you can integrate into your studio. Relaxation zones are the perfect place to have a conversation with you. hajoona will take care of all further steps, such as ordering, logistics, shipping and invoicing. Through your team partner account on our intranet, it’s easy to track your earnings at any time. In addition, through training and online content, hajoona offers extensive expertise in how to make successful sales, as well as teaching you about the active ingredients in hajoona products. Subscriptions also ensure that, once you convince a customer, s/he will continue to generate you additional long-term income.

hajoona for fitness studios

What you’ve always been looking for

A successful weight loss programme for your customers which

  • eliminates cravings and avoids the yo-yo effect
  • promises long-lasting success
  • is based on the power of nature
  • is easy to integrate into everyday life
  • promises fun instead of flab
  • is recommended by experts

Then find out about hajoona

hajoona is a combination of products, consisting of

  • a intestinal treatment for the one-off promotion of healthy intestinal flora, which offsets the over-acidification of the body during the weight loss process, and even enables weight loss
  • a delicious aronia berry (or chokeberry) and pomegranate drink for daily consumption which supplies the body with valuable, natural vital substances and vitamins, and thus prevents deficiencies during weight loss
  • a green coffee drink which, due to its naturally high chlorogenic acid content, improves fat metabolism, regulates blood sugar levels and prevents cravings. It also contains muscle-building proteins and various high-quality nutrients that ensure harmony and well-being.


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“Through a combination of cleansing (detoxifying, vitaminising and vitalising) and intestinal cleansing, hajoona overcomes the ravages of time 100%, as well as our society’s nutritional problems! The combination of products is unbeatable worldwide! It’s a German company, the products are manufactured in Germany, and in my opinion they contain the best combination of herbs, vitamins, and Chinese medicinal plants (fungi). And all the products are available as fully organic.”

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