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„How much hajoona would you like?"

In sales, it's up to you how much hajoona it may be. We are delighted if you appreciate our products and want to infect others with your enthusiasm. Recommend us! Due to the fact that your friends and acquaintances, same as you, purchase our products directly from the manufacturer, there is no need for expensive intermediate levels of trade and you receive an attractive commission for each sponsorship. We invest in building up our team partners and not in expensive commercials or advertisements. Decide to be active as a team partner at hajoona. We support you in building your (part-time) independence and assist you with our innovative ideas. As part of our personal franchise you benefit of a strong brand without having to pay advance payments. You can only win!

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Our philosophy

The name "hajoona" is derived from the Indian word "halona" which means "good fortune" or "brings happiness".

We connect a certain lifestyle and lived values with the Indian: love of nature, truth, honesty, respect, generosity and self-determination.

hajoona took up the cause of sustainably managing resources. This affects not only our products, but also the people with whom we work. We want to the full potential with you and lead people to a self-determined, sustainable life.

This is reflected both in our sales concept as well as a strong brand. Sharing success also means to live the common values internally and externally. For this purpose, we are in constant contact with our team partners.

hajoona therefore provides a simple, easily applicable and considered approach to enhance the quality of life in the health and financial area. Age, education and personal background are unimportant for us - we will support you in achieving your future goals!

So it is your decision whether you only want to use our products or if you want to shape your future with a group of positive and constructive people. Whatever you choose, we wish you all the best on your way and look forward to meet you personally.