h-SUN+ Body & Mind ingredients

A treasure trove for your health

The chlorogenic acid and choline in the green coffee have a positive effect on the metabolism of lipids. The vitamin C from acai and acerola provide antioxidant power.

Medicinal mushrooms ling zhi and maitake have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. In this delicious drink, they unfold their full potential.

h-SUN+ Body & Mind contains an extra treasure for your health with the ingredients cordyceps, prickly pear, inulin, vitamins B5, B12 and folic acid.

Cordyceps acts as a booster for the immune system and oxygen transport at the cellular level — all of your cells, as well as the brain, are better supplied with oxygen.

This has an anti-ageing effect as well as improving concentration and brain performance.
Prickly pear is a real fat burner and helps you to reach your target weight. Inulin from chicory (the original form of witloof) rounds off the formulation by ensuring that intestinal flora is colonised with good bacteria. A healthy intestine is an important building block for a strong immune system and emotional constitution. h-SUN+ Body & Mind will help you to perform at your best, support you in reaching your target weight, and help you to achieve balance between a healthy body and an active mind.

A mushroom as expensive as precious metals: cordyceps

In ancient times, one gramme of cordyceps cost four times as much as one gramme of silver. Because of this, cordyceps was used almost exclusively in the imperial court. Today, wild cordyceps is worth up to 5000 euro per kilo.

Imperial ingredient: Performance booster and libido enhancer.

The cordyceps mushroom is mentioned as a potent virility booster in ancient Chinese texts. In ancient China, cordyceps is said to have enabled the emperor to satisfy his numerous wives, ensuring that no one felt neglected in any way.