h-SUN+ Body & Mind: 
more power for body & mind

h sun body mind

h-SUN+ Green Coffee and Chinese medicinal mushrooms ling zhi and maitake are blended with the special addition of another medicinal mushroom, cordyceps sinensis, to form a unique combination:
h-SUN+ Body & Mind – more power for body & mind.

The vitalising and antioxidant effect of our green coffee is now effectively complemented by the “Emperor’s mushroom” — vitalising, rejuvenating and performance-enhancing. No matter the challenge you wish to master, h-SUN+ Body & Mind gives you the power to do it. The performance-enhancing effect of the cordyceps mushroom has been proven by countless studies. For this reason, the mushroom is also not suitable for competitive athletes, because it is on the list of prohibited substances compiled by WADA (the World Anti-Doping Agency).

Contents: 225 g green coffee (30 servings x 7.5 g) and 150 g Body & Mind (30 servings x 5 g) – one month’s supply
depending on order type and delivery frequency between €80.21 and €131.80 incl. 7% VAT
Payment methods available in the shop: direct debit, EPS, instant transfer, PayPal, pre-payment
Packaging, dimensions and weight: box with green coffee (can) and Body & Mind (can); L: 154 mm W: 104 mm H: 106 mm; 545 g
Packaging unit: between 1 - 24 units
Shipping costs up to 4.5 kg: within Germany from €6.90, Austria and Switzerland from €8.90, other countries on request

Herewith we expressly dissociate ourselves from all statements or promises of salvation (and those of our team partners) concerning our products.
Health claims related to food are prohibited in principle. Unless they are approved by the European Commission. All statements made here are adapted to the so-called "Heath Claims Regulation" and correspond to current law. We would have given more detailed information regarding the products and their ingredients and effects with references and ongoing studies to our interested parties, but must refer for the above mentioned reason to alternative information options. For your own research, we recommend books of independent physicians, alternative practitioners and professionals such as the book "Ling-Zhi - King of medicinal mushrooms" by Daniel Frank Schulten.