h-ONE+ kids:
Sophisticated formula for growing children

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Growing children have special needs. The whole body is under construction and needs a lot of nutrients for normal functioning. The immune system, bones, joints, muscles and brain need vitamins, minerals and trace elements. With h-ONE+ Kids we want to make a contribution to a healthy diet for children. The product is well-balanced and contains the most important vitamins such as vitamin C, B vitamins and vitamin E.

And the special feature: h-ONE+ kids contains vitamin D from vegetable sources and omega 3 fatty acids from native flaxseed oil (vegan) - this combination is truly unique!

h-ONE+ kids is the only product for children that combines natural organic ingredients with vitamins and minerals and vitamin D3 and omega 3 from vegan sources - the best for our loved ones.

Content: One month’s dose in a 330 ml bottle or in a box with 30 sachets x 10 ml (300 ml total)
Price: depending on order type and delivery frequency between €74,90 and €45,80 gross
Payment options of shop orders: Direct debit, EPS, instant transfer, PayPal, pre-payment
Packaging, Dimensions & Weight: cardboard box with inserts and brown glass bottle; L/W/H 62 x 62 x 228 mm; approx. 500 g OR cardboard box with 30 sachets; L/W/ H 121 x 60 x 111 mm, approx. 350 g.
Packaging: 1-33 items
Shipping costs up to 4.5 kg: within Germany €6.90, Austria and Switzerland €8.90, other countries on request

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