aronia pomegranate drink with herbal extracts, vitamins and sea minerals

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Health-conscious people take more and more notice of the advantages of natural nutrition these days. They don‘t feel confident about genetically engineered food and the discussion about the qualtity of our today‘s nutrition has long arised. How many vital substances and vitamins does our food contain? Am I adequately protected against
the so-callce free-radicals that attack my cells?

Refuel pure energy with h-ONE+ daily, because h-ONE+ combines a number of natural ingredients in an effective composition. Leading institutes recommend to consume five
portions of fruits and vegetables per day. Enjoy 20 ml of h-ONE+ daily instead. It provides you with the same oxidative protection!

The combination of juices and herbs from controlled organic farming that has been selected by experts in addition to vitamins and natural sea minerals, can support your well
being and is a valuable contribution to a healthy and sustainable diet.

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Holistic thinking and acting which include an energetic foundation – MADE IN GERMANY with constant quality control.


Content: 1-month-supply in a bottle of 750 ml or in a box with 30 sachets of 20 ml each (600 ml)
Price: 40,90 and 76,90 € (customer single order) depending on order type and delivery schedule incl. tax 19%
Payment options of shop orders: direct debit, electronic payment standard (EPS), instant bank transfer (Sofortüberweisung), PayPal and advance payment
Packaging, Dimensions & Weight: cardboard with inserts and brown glass bottle; L / W: 100 mm H: 290 mm; 1,395 g.
Packaging: 1 - 66 pieces
Shipping costs: within Germany 6.90 € - Austria and Switzeland 8.90 €, further countries price on application

Herewith we expressly dissociate ourselves from all statements or promises of salvation (and those of our team partners) concerning our products.
Health claims related to food are prohibited in principle. Unless they are approved by the European Commission. All statements made here are adapted to the so-called "Heath Claims Regulation" and correspond to current law. We would have given more detailed information regarding the products and their ingredients and effects with references and ongoing studies to our interested parties, but must refer for the above mentioned reason to alternative information options. For your own research, we recommend books of independent physicians, alternative practitioners and professionals such as the book "Ling-Zhi - King of medicinal mushrooms" by Daniel Frank Schulten.