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Gisela and Erwin Falter have retained their youth. They support their physical well-being through hajoona products, while also establishing themselves a new financial foothold.

hajoona for the young at heart

You place high demands on your physical and mental vitality, and you strive to achieve a healthy, active lifestyle. Want to enjoy life to the full, while also having the necessary financial resources? Then there are two reasons that you should get to know hajoona.

hajoona products are the building blocks for good health

hajoona makes products from high-quality, natural raw materials. They are all made in Germany, and contain valuable, purely plant-based ingredients. They provide the body with important vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Our products are neither pills nor powders, but a delicious green coffee and a delicious chokeberry and pomegranate drink. These can be easily integrated into your daily diet, and combine flavour with effectiveness. The recipe of both products has been specially developed by hajoona, checked for quality and given the seal of approval. hajoona products contain no added sugar, colours or preservatives. They are vegan and lactose-free, and are recommended by the German federal association, “Initiative 50 Plus”.

hajoona is the way to financial independence

Once you are convinced by our products and have seen their effects on your well-being at first hand, then simply recommend us to others. We will reward your recommendations with attractive commissions. This is the basis of our business model, which we would like to share with you. Through referral marketing, you can build a new economic foothold at any time and achieve financial independence. Our community already consists of several thousand independent partners. Regardless of age, prior training or educational background, hajoona gives you the opportunity to earn extra income without start-up capital or risk.



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