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Children love pizza, ice cream and sweets! It is therefore often not easy for parents to supply them with the necessary daily vital substances.

hajoona for Kids -
The best for our loved ones

Especially children in growth need not only love, security and space for development, but also a particularly good diet.

With 10 ml h-ONE+ Kids you can now provide your loved ones with all the vitamins and trace elements they need for their development. And the special feature: h-ONE+ Kids contains vitamin D from vegetable sources and omega 3 fatty acids from native flaxseed oil (vegan) – this combination is truly unique!

A Mexican study showed that omega-3 fatty acids have a positive effect on children‘s brains. The researchers found out that children who took omega-3 fatty acids daily had a significantly better concentration, attention and retentiveness than children who had not received an omega-3 supplement.

h-ONE+ Kids is the only product for children that combines natural organic ingredients with vitamins and minerals and vitamin D3 and omega 3 – just the best for our loved ones.



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