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hajoona your future. gesund leben - zukunft - karriere

hajoona - your future

selected, high quality products

raw materials with a high bioavailability

“Made in Germany” and ISO certified

success-proven career concept

  • Green Coffee with Ling Zhi, Maitake, Acai, proteins & more... h-SUN + is not only a revolutionary product! Keep your figure in mind and use it as your ideal companion for the positive start into the day - or just in between!
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  • With juices and herbs from controlled organic farming, vitamins and natural sea minerals. The aronia berry, the main ingredient of h-ONE+, is known for its high flavonoid, folic acid, vitamin K and vitamin C content.
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  • h-ONE+ kids is the only product for children that combines natural organic ingredients with vitamins, minerals, vitamin D3 and Omega 3 from vegan sources - the best for our loved ones.

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  • Purge your bowel for 14 days with h-SUN clean I. Within the further 14 days, we recommend the targeted structure of the bowel with a combination of prebiotic and probiotic ingredients included in h-SUN clean II.
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"With hajoona I have the opportunity, to provide people looking for a real alternative, with a solution which helps them changing their lives to happy and carefree ones - of course, with my support. My motto: There is no good unless you do it."
Herta Frank (56)

Frank Adamowicz

"On the golf course as well as in sales it is to promote the strengths of people. In this I enjoy to support hajoona with my experience. We have already experienced many, very intensive trainings together and I must say that the spirit of the hajoona distributors is a very special one. "
Frank Adamowicz, Germany’s most successful team trainer, golf trainer and television commentator


"My mental concentration and performance have improved and so I can put more power in my daily work. People keep asking me about my changed energy and charisma. My physical feeling and weight have been optimized, my appetite for sweets has been reduced and I feel much fitter and more energetic. "
Christina Henseler, independent hajoona team partner, Enzweihingen

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hajoona – your future

Mission with a Vision (WHY we do what we do)

hajoona develops and distributes products that are truly excellent.

hajoona is a home for development:

  • We are a business that has a heart and cares
  • A business that fosters honest cooperation & responsible advocacy for each other
  • A place where family and career are equally important.

…We are a company for people who live mindfully and want a launch pad for lasting personal and financial success.





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