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hajoona your future. gesund leben - zukunft - karriere

hajoona - your future

selected, high quality products

raw materials with a high bioavailability

“Made in Germany” and ISO certified

  • Green Coffee with Ling Zhi, Maitake, Acai, proteins & more... h-SUN + is not only a revolutionary product! Keep your figure in mind and use it as your ideal companion for the positive start into the day - or just in between!
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  • With juices and herbs from controlled organic farming, vitamins and natural sea minerals. The aronia berry, the main ingredient of h-ONE+, is known for its high flavonoid, folic acid, vitamin K and vitamin C content.
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  • h-ONE+ kids is the only product for children that combines natural organic ingredients with vitamins, minerals, vitamin D3 and Omega 3 from vegan sources - the best for our loved ones.

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  • Purge your bowel for 14 days with h-SUN clean I. Within the further 14 days, we recommend the targeted structure of the bowel with a combination of prebiotic and probiotic ingredients included in h-SUN clean II.
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