Our holistic concept for your natural health

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Intestinal cleansing

80% of our immune system is located in and around the intestine. Among other factors, obesity, diabetes and depression are affected by the bacteria in our intestines. Therefore, the first step of any ReStart treatment is an intestinal cleanse, because waste products and toxins are stored in the intestine.

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Alkaline diet

During the body ReStart treatment, it is important to provide the body with valuable natural vitamins, proteins, trace elements and minerals. There are numerous recipes for basic smoothies, greenies, soups and vegetable stews which strengthen the body holistically.

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Support from our products

Our integrated product concept accompanies you during the treatment, supports the metabolism of fat, and ensures a healthy level of vital substances, thus supplying your body with all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements it needs.

bodyrestart darmsanierung

Movement with Ralf Ohrmann

Ralf Ohrmann is a sports scientist, nutrition coach, personal trainer for numerous film and TV celebrities, TV and radio expert, and author. Fitness and exercise – preferably outdoors – have a relaxing effect, and promote oxygen uptake, blood flow and lymphatic flow. Build muscle mass and kick-start your fat metabolism.

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body ReStart Party

Invite your friends, neighbours and acquaintances to a hajoona body ReStart party to collaborate on an effective and sustainable weight loss programme. Of course, everyone will be pursuing their own individual goals, but exchanging body ReStart tips, recipes and exercises is fun and motivates you to keep going. A hajoona body ReStart mentor will help you with this party. Simply fill out the contact form and get started!

Klaus Wölfl

"Good morning to all ReStarters! Unfortunately I had to do without my weekend breakfast today, but I do get to have a pineapple and strawberry smoothie at sunrise. I’ve already lost 2.7kg, and that’s after just 6 days."

Oliver Ahlbach

"My conclusion after the first week: it’s going great. There’s a clear plan, delicious recipes and a minimum of discipline. Everyone can do it. My results in 7 days: I feel more powerful, more alert, clearer, extremely balanced, I’ve lost 3.7 kg and 4.5 cm off my waist."