We also want to learn from talent within our own ranks, which is why, early on in the company’s development, we put together a so-called leaderboard compiled from representatives of our own sales department. This enables market experiences to be relayed directly back to the company management, while products, processes and systems are continuously optimised from a sales perspective.

Among other things, it ensures that sales are managed in accordance with our corporate philosophy, and is taken into account when dealing with strategic issues. The leaderboard is usually elected for 2 years and currently consists of eight people plus company management.


Andy und Yasmin


Andy und Yasmin Hirth

Gold Presidents and on board since November 2013


Dietfried Wruss


Dietfried Wruss

from Austria, fastest Gold President and on board since February 2017

Christina Henseler


Christina Henseler

First woman in the executive team, Silver President and on board at hajoona since March 2014

Thorsten Maurer

Thorsten Maurer

Silver President and on board since the beginning of 2016

Iris Zettl

Iris Zettl

Silver President and on board at hajoona since September 2014


Jürgen Schwinger

First Gold President and on board since October 2013

Herta und Juri

Herta und Juri Frank

Team partner from the beginning, first Diamonds,
now Gold Presidents and in hajoona’s founding circle

Bita Alexander Damm


Bita und Alexander Damm

Silver Presidents and on board at hajoona since May 2016