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Bundesverband Initiative 50Plus recommends hajoona products

What do a distributor of health products and a federal association that represents the interests of people aged 50 and over have in common? They are both interested in the health and wellbeing of humanity. A healthy, balanced diet is especially important in later life.

“There are plenty of companies selling pills and powders that promise health and eternal youth,” says Uwe-Matthias Müller, spokesman for the Bundesverband Initiative 50Plus. “hajoona’s products won us over because of their holistic concept and because they are so easy to use. A lot of us drink coffee every day – so why not use it to cleanse and detoxify your body?” And instead of taking various isolated vitamins, you just have to drink a small measuring cap of aronia juice every day to ensure that you get all the vitamins you need.”

“We are of course delighted that the Bundesverband Initiative 50Plus is endorsing our products and we hope that the concept and quality of the products will be recognised and become established. We are thrilled to have received the 50Plus consumer recommendation, this is very important to us!” says Dirk Jakob, founder and CEO of hajoona GmbH.

About Bundesverband 50 Initiative Plus e.V.

Bundesverband 50 Initiative Plus e.V. Is an independent initiative that represents the interests of the 34 million people in Germany aged 50 and over.

Many people aged 50 and over are physically and mentally fit and financially secure. However, not everybody is in this position. The initiative’s mission is to help people help themselves in conjunction with the assistance provided by the state.

Bundesverband Initiative 50 Plus e.V. aims to draw the attention of politics, society and economics to the needs and wide-ranging potential of people aged over 50. The German Bundestag has registered Bundesverband Initiative 50Plus as an interest group. The Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency lists Bundesverband Initiative 50Plus as a partner organisation. Numerous other organisations and associations - for example the German Association of Towns and Municipalities - have links with Bundesverband Initiative 50Plus.

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