Sustainable food handling

Portrait Michael Schieferstein k

My name is Michael Schieferstein, ambassador for the German Pavilion at the world exhibition Expo Milano 2015, and I will be representing Germany in the complex areas of food and consumption. Besides being an entrepreneur, master chef and expert in sustainability, consumption, food and resource protection, I am also a lecturer and author. I am particularly interested in the topics of healthy and sustainable nutrition, the global problem of food waste and its serious consequences. These subjects are becoming increasingly important both in the press and on TV, as a result of which they are finally becoming the focus of public attention – something that is urgently required! I also advise various Ministries and have observed that politicians too are increasingly coming to realise that something has to change in this respect. I am particularly delighted to have found a partner in hajoona GmbH for which this topic is also of central importance, which advocates healthy nutrition and which is committed to awareness and personal responsibility.