Humanitarian Aid

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Networker for Humanity e.V.

Networker for Humanity e. V. ( is a recognised non-profit association based in Heidelberg that has absolutely no business purpose of its own and was founded at the beginning of 2005. The board and founding members work on a voluntary basis. Most members are self-employed in either their first or second jobs and work as a network. They are all committed to taking the future into their own hands and fighting the general trend for despondency and lethargy, and they have all recognised that they are stronger as a team! Their task is to support those who have almost no chance of helping themselves.

The purpose of the association is to provide humanitarian aid for people in need – with the goal of reducing suffering and creating new perspectives. The funding required comes solely from donations and membership fees. The association’s initiator and founder is Dirk Jakob, who has been acting as its first chairman on a voluntary basis ever since it was established.

The association’s decision-making committees select appropriate aid measures and projects – both national and international – by majority resolution.

In order to be granted humanitarian aid by the association, projects must meet the following requirements:

  • The funding provided by the association must invariably be used “to help people help themselves”.
  • The results of the project must be clearly visible or verifiable.
  • The association must be able to assure itself at all times that the funds provided are being used sensibly for the purpose originally intended.
  • Funds are allocated in accordance with the sustainability principle. The idea is not to give small subsidies to a lot of projects, but rather to provide more substantial funding to a small number of carefully selected projects. In his way, the NfH aims to provide aid that is as effective and sustainable as possible.
  • Information about the association’s work is regularly communicated to the network industry and the public with the aim of ensuring that it generates a constant flow of new members and donations.
  • Members, donors and anyone else interested are assured of the greatest possible transparency with regard to the association’s work and the progress made on each aid project.
  • For the association, it is important that the image of the entire sector is improved without serving its own purposes.

Since its foundation, the association has donated several hundred thousand Euro to international projects (Vietnam, the Philippines, Haiti, Africa etc. and also in Austria and Germany - more details are available at the website; two years ago, it set up its own social project in Germany titled “GrenzGang”. Here specially trained “mentor” pupils in the highest secondary school classes are guided through corridors of experience enabling them to gain experience which will be important for their future paths in life. They visit women’s refuges, prisons, large companies, sports schools and successful teams and hold discussions with them.

Membership of NfH e.V. has now reached four figures, and the association is independent of any company or sector. What makes it so special is not only its orientation, the dedication of its members and its transparent processes with regard to the handling of donations, but also the fact that people who would in their professional lives be considered competitors come together for a good purpose. This is unique and exemplary, not only in this industry.

New members are warmly welcomed and those interested can register online on the association's website. Everybody can do some tangible good for a tax-deductible annual fee of 50 € !